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Travelers Insurance #2
Thanks everyone for reading the first piece on @travelersinsurance. @TRV_Insurance. 
From what we can find out at this point today. 
The supervisor and the claims adjuster have not made a report to corporate about the incident. They seem to have kept it close to their chest. We are gathering all emails, voice mails and communications and our lawyer is prepping his work on our behalf. Of course it isn’t surprising that an insurance company will “dick” some one around by playing hard to get with paying out on a claim. 
I just find it pretty horrible that their employee while on the job, can show a client a naked picture on their iPhone and use the “fag” words and still think it is okay to deny a legitimate claim -One they had already approved, one they had already started sending checks out on, but after they were confronted on their behavior …they shut us out.. And now they do not want to respond to our calls…
Guess they are playing hide and seek with us now. 
This will be interesting.
The game is afoot!

Travelers Insurance Company

This is a very simple sexual harassment complaint about Travelers Insurance company
And a claims adjustor who showed up at our house and while chit chatting about stuff while investigating the damage to home - the claims adjustor starts using the fag word and then opens up their iPhone and without any warning shows a fully naked pic to my husband. —-
When they were confronted by our insurance brokers of the wrongful
Behavior. The claims adjustor apologized and felt embarrassed etc Travelers who had previously processed the claim then 24 hours later abruptly denied the claim and now the claims adjustor and supervisor claim the apology conversation never took place

Can’t believe this is going on.
And now the decisions we have to make

#travelersinsurancecompany are liars

I love writing songs.  i love being a co-collaborator and creating something out of nothing.  Being a songwriter is a tremendous joy to me and hopefully to others.  
The scary thing for the future songwriters coming up… and i am not speaking about the singer songwriter ( who can  make money from concerts/ t shirt sales etc) I am writing about the songwriter and songwriter / producer.   The ways we get paid now for our music will be going through some drastic fiscal changes if we do not let our collective voices be heard together. 
Please read the following link and get informed and start standing up for your rights as a copyright holder.   If you are not a writer, you can still stand up for those who are.

Read about what you can do!!   http://www.ascap.com/playback/2014/02/action/songwriter-equity-act.aspx

Big smiles back at ya


Somethings Matter / Somethings Don’t

I spent the whole day with songwriters of kinds, careers, styles, genres and levels of experience.  We listened to pop, country, rap, hop hop, broadway, singer songwriter, rock and children’s music.

It was with the love and support of #ascap #Naras, #grammys and the #ascapexpo that we created an absolutely wonderful day of music and more music.    I want to send big Thank You’s out to all the songwriters who participated in making the day truly a memorable experience for me.    I am still inspired by the hearts and music that I heard today.     … it fanned the spark and kept the dream fires ablaze for another day.    I wish instead of the 5 hours today we could have gone on for 8 hours.  Maybe next year!..

We had songwriters from Nigeria, Bronx, Scranton, Newport Beach, Texas, Nashville, Chicago , Arizona, Hawaii and on and on…

somethings matter   they mattered to me!


Seeing my dogs smile!!!

Last year at this amazing event we created the beginnings of an interactive songwriter workshop that tried to get right to solving creative stumbling blocks in specific songs that expo songwriters were working on at the time
.  My hope for this years workshop is not only that we build off of from where we left off last year and solve as many songwriter creative problems as we possibly can but I want to double or even triple the amount of songwriters on stage with me during the session

So that’s why we are doing this workshop for four hours !!!

 ASCAP double my time slot for all of us to have more fun together!

If all goes well again, maybe we can double it again for 2015 and have 8 hours together
I am also honored to have The Recording Academy (Naras) to sponsor my workshop again this year.  If you haven’t joined The Grammys please check it out. Another wonderful organization to be a part of. 
Looking forward to a great ASCAP “I Create Music ” Expo

My best


Leann Rimes / Jeff Beck and Rob Thomas and the imaginative genius work of director Ian Padgham.

Gasoline and Matches

Ian Padgham's post on Vine

Here is a little sneak peak of the music video I help Co produce with director Ian Padgham
Gasoline and Matches
Leann rimes rob Thomas and jeff beck

Premieres this Saturday
On vh1 and CMT

#StandWithSongwriters Petition My friends. Us songwriters need your help and support. Please read please sign on and then forward on to others Thanks darrell

I just supported #StandWithSongwriters Petition on @ThunderclapIt // @ASCAP

Robby Armstrong “Birthday Happy” [official video] (by Robby Armstrong)

Robby and I had a blast writing and recording this song… but not nearly as much fun as hitting people in the face with cake…

Birthday Happy everybody!!!